freeD™ is a revolutionary three-dimensional visual data format which changes the way we interact with video.
Immersive Experience Immersive Experience
Live in a 3D-reality comprised of pixels that are constructed in real-time to show natural representations.
Tell Your Own Story Tell Your Own Story
With the ability to navigate freely, freeD™ gives the user the control to see what you want.
Be In The Game Be In The Game
Go where cameras have never gone before and experience key moments from first-person perspectives.

volumetric video format

The freeD™ video format allows the viewer to experience never-before-seen perspectives of live sporting events. From years of capturing on the field data, freeD™ breaks the mold of limitations to showcase athletes in a unique and breakthrough way as if they were wearing cameras themselves.

The patented data algorithms are able to create 3D-pixels of the entire surface area to build the scene in real time. Through continuous optimization of hardware and software, the freeD™ video content creates a revolutionary viewing experience for everyone.

Client Testimonials

"The Replay Technologies' freeD system gives us the option to broadcast Mavs games with more unique angles, which in-turn gives viewers never before seen insight into the game."
Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks
Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks, Microsoft
"freeD gives the Dodgers the ability to see the game from a whole new perspective. This changes the way we experience the game during and after play."
Tucker Kain, Los Angeles Dodgers
Tucker Kain, Los Angeles Dodgers, Microsoft
"Fantastic... the fans can't get enough of the captivating freeD images we show in stadium. We can't wait to see what is next from the team."
Charlotte Jones, Dallas Cowboys
Charlotte Jones, Dallas Cowboys, Microsoft
"When you see a freeD replay, it changes the way you thought about a certain view. Having been broadcasting sports for many years, this is truly a unique technology you don't see very often."
Ken Aagaard, CBS Sports
Ken Aagaard, CBS Sports, Microsoft


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